We are glad to announce the launch of, a REST API for developers to generate PDF documents from HTML content or URL.

PDFMark allows developers to convert their HTML or a URL to PDF documents effortlessly and it even stores it on cloud and serves it to end users via a super fast Content Delivery Network (CDN).

PDFMark provides a simple and easy to use REST API which can be called from any programming language and generates a PDF document within seconds.

Here are the features of PDFMark

  • REST API to convert HTML to PDF
  • Create PDF documents from raw HTML or a URL
  • PDF customization options – specify page size, margin, orientation
  • Insert header and footer in the PDF in the form of HTML
  • Generate PDF in greyscale
  • Auto insert QR codes in the PDF documents
  • Password protect generated PDF and restrict copy, edit and print functionality
  • Support for templates for PDFs that need to be generated frequently
  • Insert watermarks in the PDF document
  • Insert custom CSS and JavaScript in external URL before converting them to PDF
  • Specify delay to allow execution of JavaScript before converting a URL to PDF
  • Webhook callback support for PDF generation, get notified when PDF is created
  • Cloud storage of generated PDF files and delivery via CDN

Check out the demo of the API at

Take a look at API documentation and sign up to start generating PDF documents within minutes.